Newborn Safety Training and Mentoring session with Cass Davis Photography

Updated: Jun 8

So last week I had the most amazing mentoring session with Cass Davis who is an inspirational newborn photographer and is also a trainer for newborn safety during posing. When I first read about this training it was so important for me to understand what I need to look for when posing a newborn baby. It is unbelievable that still in this modern world that anyone could pick up a camera and call themselves a newborn photographer without going through any training on the safety aspect of working with a newborn baby.

For me this was key in making sure my clients understand how seriously I take the safety of their babies and I understand what poses I can preform in a safe and comfortable way for the baby and the new parents who are watching me. We worked on everything from the correct environment for the baby regarding temperature and music to help soothe the baby to what work flow will work for me and my level of experience. Within My workflow we have looked at the correct way to pose the baby and what trigger points to look at such as the circulation of the hands and feet, the position of the hips and the rate of the babies breathing.

Prior to this mentoring session I also did an online safety training sesssion which is also ran by the amazing Cass and these video are a great tool as it breaks down each pose and it was this training session which then lead me into then having a mentoring session with Cass herself.

Here is my certificate that I obtained from my online training which I feel is a basic for any Newborn Photographer.

Here are some of the photos from the day demonstrating the layout of the posing and the supports needed around the baby to make sure they feel happy and secure.

I think it is really interesting to share the way in which we can create all of these beautiful photos. I will be sharing in another blog post soon some of the images I have captured from this mentoring session and they are really beautiful.

I hope you guys enjoy this post and I look forward to sharing the images from this session soon.

Thank you

Steph x x

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