Hi I’m Steph thank you for visiting my website.

Since becoming a mom capturing those ever changing moments as you little one grows up has become a daily occurrence for me and something that a truly adore doing. Every family should have the opportunity to capture those unforgettable moments so they can treasure Them forever.

i have a degree in photography and have worked in the creative industry for many years. aswell as having a passion for photography I have also worked in designing and installing window and visual displays. Luckily throughout these years of working in the creative industry I have developed my own unquie style that I bring to my images. In my sessions I use a collection of props that I have designed and created myself which separates me from other photographers. My style is all about the textures that can be created in an image and the simplicity of the colour palette. For me As a photographer, your baby and your family should be the main focus and the props around them should just enhance and not over power the image. 

As a photographer and as a mom the safety of your family is extremely important to me. I have completed and attended a newborn safety course As I feel that this is completely essential to understand how to work With and pose your baby to achieve beautiful imagery without Compromising their safety. I also understand this can be a worrying time for a new mom and as I have experienced this feeling myself, handing over your precious baby to a complete stranger can be very daunting. with this safety training and hands on experience I assure you, your beautiful baby is in safe hands.


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